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AdventureAmerica 2014
Cheryl and Bob Head West

Ours is a road trip years in the making. For a decade in fact, ever since Cheryl embarked on her career as an artist, we have been talking about an extended trip to explore the lands of America. Life just kept interrupting our plans. We've bought the car - a truly road-worthy automobile that's going to take us from Georgia to Oklahoma to Mount Rushmore through the badlands and beyond to the Pacific Shores (Half Moon Bay once again) and then back to Georgia along a more southerly route - we've packed the bags - and Thursday, September 4 we head West. Our plan is to spend six weeks capturing America through a Nikon lens, then Cheryl will recreate some of that glory on canvas.

If you'd like to follow Cheryl and Bob's great adventure, check back in to our blog at www.cherylhardin.com and we'll share pix and tales as we explore America! Email us at chardinart@yahoo.com.

Cheryl and Bob

Bob and Cheryl, Ready for AdventureAmerica

Adios until we meet again cowgirls and cowboys,
artists and adventurists!


Tulsa, Oklahoma 9/6/14

York, Nebraska 9/8/14

Murdo, South Dakota 9/9/14

Badlands, South Dakota 9/10/14

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Bighorn National Forest
To Cody, Wyoming 9/13/14

Cody, Wyoming
To Yellowstone National Park 9/14/14

Jackson, Wyoming and
Grand Tetons National Park 9/14-17/14

Idaho to Nevada, on to
Truckee, California 9/19-21/14

California Wineries 9/22-23/14

Bay Area, California or
Around the Bay in Three Days 9/24-26/14

Around the Bay in Three Days 9/24-26/14

Farewell Half Moon Bay to
Farewell LA 9/27-30/14

LA, CA to Chandler, AZ 10/1-3/14

Sedona, Arizona
It's All About the Rocks 10/4-5/14

Grand Canyon, Arizona
It's Still All About the Rocks 10/6-7/14

Meteor Crater to Albuquerque to
Santa Fe, New Mexico 10/7-9/14

Taos, New Mexico 10/10/14

Las Vegas, New Mexico 10/11-12/14

Tulsa, Oklahoma 10/13-15/14

Homeward Bound
Gainesville, Georgia 10/15-16/14

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